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Simple & Intelligent Restaurant Billing Software

Our billing software supports all type of restaurants. SpeQue billing software is a cloud based system that allows you to operate your restaurant with a minimum investment and helps in maximizing profits.

  • All essential restaurant billing software features such as bill settlements, adding discounts, bill split, etc
  • Monthly sales forecast powered by SpeQue AI system
  • Manage multiple outlets from one admin interface
  • Multiple KOT support to configure KOT printing at multiple locations
SpeQue Restaurant Billing Software

A POS that's Actually Safe and Secure

  • Anti-Theft protection with real-time SMS and email alerts for dish cancellations, discounts, non-chargeable bills etc.
  • Role management to manage different roles such as steward, manager, accountant and provide them with different levels of permissions to avoid security lapses
SpeQue Billing Software Role Based access

Control Your Food Costs with SpeQue Inventory

  • Manual and recipe-based restaurant inventory management to keep track of stock in real-time
  • Multi storage location inventory, stock and count management
  • Low stock SMS and email alerts in real time
  • Purcase Order management and raising indents
SpeQue Restaurant Inventory System

Manage Your Restaurant From Anywhere, 24/7

  • Allows stewards and captains to take orders and settle bills on the mobile app
  • Send E-Bills to customers phone and email
  • Check in real time from sales report to GST report from anywhere in the world!
  • Smart-suggestions to stewards and captains for cross Selling & upselling dishes while taking orders

Integrate All Online Vendors

  • Manage all online orders inside the SpeQue restaurant Billing software
  • Auto sync menu to all the vendor platforms
Online integration with Restaurant Billing Software

Why SpeQue? 7 Reasons

  • Be in control! Update menu pricing or add new one without any delay
  • Be smart! Mobile ordering with e-bill option to save on paper and time
  • Every rupee matters! Theft protection for your business
  • Be efficient! Online integration with all top 3rd party vendors
  • Grow your business! Customer engagement tools to build customer engagement & loyalty
  • Be ahead of time! AI Based sales forecast to help you grow your business
  • Peace of mind! 24/7 Customer support you can count on
Restaurant Management System mobile, tab and desktop
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