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Restaurant CRM System

SpeQue Integrated CRM system helps you effectively gather customer information, produce highly personalized reports, and allows you to better engage with your customers to make them loyal ambassadors of your brand.

  • Run your own cashback loyalty program
  • Do targeted multi channel campaigns to engage with customers
  • Scheduled birthday and anniversary greetings
  • Customer segmentation based on number of visits, feedback ratings, food choice etc.
Restaurant CRM system

Customer Loyalty Program

Run custom Loyalty Programs based on different criteria (visits, amount spent etc) to encourage customers to visit again

  • OTP based secure redemption
  • Setup custom business rules for your loyalty programs
  • Cashback credit to customers
  • Automated b'day & anniversary greetings SMSs and Emails
SpeQue CRM Loyalty Program
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How Can Restaurants Establish A Strong Customer Relationship
Mar 13, 2020

How Can Restaurants Establish A Strong Customer Relationship

SpeQue has a suite of tech products to help you with just that and more. The SpeQue Partner app is a seamlessly connected system that lets restaurants do everything, from making entries for a table booking received from any source to taking orders, feedback from guests to run CRM programe.

Must Have Reports For Your Restaurant Business
Sep 27, 2019

Must Have Reports For Your Restaurant Business

SpeQue restaurant POS system comes with an integrated CRM system as well. CRM analytics dashboard provides some of the most useful information about your customers. Along with their profiles, CRM dashboard also categorises your customers into different buckets. This kind of profiling is really helpful while running targeted campaigns to increase customer retention.

6 Must-Have Features Of A Good Restaurant Management System
Jul 2, 2020

Must-Have Features Of A Good Restaurant Management System

Once customer feedback is captured, it becomes really important to make use of it. Knowing how frequently your customers dine with you, what they like to eat, how much money do they end up spending etc., helps you categorise them into different buckets. This further helps you run targeted marketing campaigns to make sure they are coming back to your restaurant again and again. Thus, customer data helps you send personalised emails to loyal customers for special promotions. Wishing customers on their birthdays and anniversaries and offering special offers on these days are sure shot ways to earn your customer's trust.

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