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Integrated Feedback Management

SpeQue feedback management gives you better control to effectively communicate with your customers.

  • Customisable feedback form; choose your questions: Multi-choice, star rating, single choice or Free text answer options
  • Never miss on capturing customer feedback, automate feedback process via SMS link sent to customers post their order
  • Build and maintain customer database with details such as phone, email, Date of Birth & anniversaries
SpeQue restaurant feedback dashboard

Feedback Analytics

View detailed insights for the feedback captured from customers

  • Real-time feedback alerts to address customer concerns and avoid negative reviews on online portals
  • Sentiment analysis of customer comments, categorised into: positive, negative or suggestion
Restaurant feedback dashboard

Dish Ratings

Get item wise rating from your customers and compare the popularity of menu items

  • Dish ratings to help you know what customers like and what they don't
  • Engineer your menu based on data rather than based on intuition
SpeQue restaurant feedback dashboard

Real-time Alerts

  • Real-time feedback alerts to all owners or managers
  • Automated post feedback acknowledgement alerts to customers
restaurant feedback system
restaurant feedback system
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5 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs A Feedback System
Mar 13, 2020

5 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs A Feedback System

In order to fill this gap, we came up with a digital feedback system for restaurants. After having worked with hundreds of restaurants over the past few years, we realise that digital feedback works much better for restaurants than age-old paper-based feedback forms. Let us have a look at the top 5 reasons why you should invest your time in collecting your customers’ feedback.

Must Have Reports For Your Restaurant Business
Sep 27, 2019

Must Have Reports For Your Restaurant Business

SpeQue restaurant feedback management system not only helps restaurant owner’s to capture real-time feedback and understand customer sentiments (using sentiment analysis) but it also helps them capture customer data (name, mobile no, email id, DOB and anniversary).

Why Customer Feedback Is Important For Restaurants
Sep 1, 2017

Why Customer Feedback Is Important For Restaurants

Feedbacks are a good way to show your customer's that you care about them and are willing to listen. It's a good way to make them feel heard and to engage with them through campaigns & greetings messages. Since it becomes essential to listen and respond to customers, feedbacks become a mandatory requirement to your restaurant business.

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