In times when Twitter, Facebook, Zomato & Google can make or break reputations, restaurants must deliver the best experiences every time. That’s why you need a feedback system that tells you what’s happening at your restaurant before your customers rant elsewhere. With SpeQue, quick insights and in-depth analysis of restaurant feedbacks lead to a better understanding of guest sentiment and satisfaction, complaints and quicker resolutions. 

In times of such intense competition, retaining customers becomes increasingly important. Asking restaurant customer feedback is the first step toward customer engagement, as it makes the customer feel valued, and more importantly, gives first-hand insights into your strengths and weaknesses. 

However, getting feedback from customers is a tricky task as not many people are interested in writing down their feedback on the paper-based form that has been used for a long time now.

In order to fill this gap, we came up with a digital feedback system for restaurants. After having worked with hundreds of restaurants over the past few years, we realise that digital feedback works much better for restaurants than age-old paper-based feedback forms. Let us have a look at the top 5 reasons why you should invest your time in collecting your customers’ feedback.

1. Increase in number of feedbacks

In our experience, around 85% of people are willing to share their feedback on a digital feedback system. It makes them feel valued and also gives a sense of class. It makes them feel that you really care about them and want to know about their experience. App-based feedback (digital) is a good way to capture more feedback.

SpeQue Feedback

2. Get real-time alerts

Real-time alerts are a great way to stay updated on poor customer feedback. You receive poor review notifications directly on your phone. This allows you to take care of unhappy customers immediately. You can apologize to them or provide them offers or a concession for their next visit to your restaurant. This way you get a chance to serve them better and turn them into loyal customers.

SpeQue SMS Alert

3. Avoid negative reviews on online platforms

As mentioned earlier on, your restaurant’s reviews on Facebook, Zomato, Google etc. can make or break your restaurant’s reputation. Hence it is important to filter negative reviews from these platforms. What better way than to get these negative reviews internally and sort them out immediately!

SpeQue Negative Feedback

4. Evaluate staff performance

Customer restaurant feedback isn't just a good way to understand your customers but it's also a great way to monitor your staff performance. By keeping a check on feedback, you also get to analyse your staff performance. Parameters such as 'who is getting the most negative feedback', 'who is slow on service', 'who is providing the best service' etc. allow you to monitor your staff and reward the best ones.

SpeQue Report

5. Engage with customers and capture their information

Asking customers directly for their phone numbers or email ids isn't always a great idea. Therefore, asking for this information on a feedback form is the best way to go about it. This helps you build a database of your customers, which comes in handy while running campaigns or promotions. Capturing information such as customers' date of birth and anniversary also lets you use SpeQue’s automated greetings feature to greet your customers and make them feel special on their special day.

SpeQue Customer History

Helping restaurants with their business is at the heart of whatever we do. We believe that customer feedback is one of the most important aspects that a restaurant needs to take care of and are often surprised at how most restaurants choose to overlook this process.

Write to us on or visit our website and request for a demo to know more about how we are helping hundreds of restaurants know and understand their customers via SpeQue feedback system.



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