Managing tables and queues at your restaurant, especially during rush hours, is important not only to keep your customers happy but it also reflects on the good health of your restaurant business. A long queue of unhappy customers is surely a mark of poor management.

Most customers these days prefer to book their tables beforehand and it's imperative to have a table booking management system in place. Below are a few of the advantages of having a table booking management system integrated with your POS.

Keep customers informed

A table booking management system can be used to keep your guests informed about their booking statuses by sending them automatic booking confirmations, reminders and cancellation notifications, by email and SMS.

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Maintain booking register and check availability

A table booking management system can also be used to check the number of bookings taken and bookings in the pending state for each time period. This further helps in eliminating over bookings, ensuring customers are informed beforehand if their booking is confirmed or not.

This also helps the staff by providing a digital register for all bookings for quickly checking the booking status for any given time period.

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Queue Management

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Waiting leads to disgruntled customers especially when they don’t know the exact waiting time and feel like they are standing in a queue for too long. A smart table management system allows you to add customers to the queue and give them an estimated waiting time. Waiting times can be accurately predicted if the table management system is integrated with your POS since it then knows about the running tables, the number of people dining & orders on each table. All this data can be used to predict the waiting time to a great deal of accuracy. This also empowers the staff to allocate the waiting time with great confidence and assurance.

Improve customer experience

Being upfront and accurate with providing estimated waiting times and living up to that improves your restaurants’ credibility.

A table booking management system also eliminates confusion among the staff regarding available/booked tables, thereby leading to improved operational efficiency, which reflects in the customer service, and ultimately increases your customer delight.

Build Customer database

A table booking management system also helps you to capture all customer details at one place that can later be used to run campaigns via SMS or email. It can also be used to run loyalty programs, which eventually helps you to grow your business.

These are some of the common advantages of having an integrated table booking management system in place. Write to us at for a free demo.


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