The hospitality sector is the worst hit due to the breakout of COVID19. Restaurants are social places and it's almost impossible to make dining completely “contactless”. But with QR code-based mobile ordering and bill payments, contact with some of the most commonly used items such as menu cards and payment machines can be eliminated.

QR codes can be placed on every table. Guests can scan the QR code on their mobiles. The restaurant menu will open up on their mobile browser. Guests can browse through the menu and add items to the cart. They also have the option to filter by menu categories.




After adding items to the cart, guests can navigate to the order review screen by clicking on the cart button at the top. They now need to enter the table number and guest count and place the order.


Guests order arrives at the SpeQue restaurant POS software. Guests can update their order by scanning the QR code from the same device again. The menu screen opens up and they can see the “bill payment” option at the top. They can add more items to the cart and update their order. They can also go to the bill payment screen and pay their bill online, using debit/credit card and mobile wallets.


At SpeQue, we believe in the power of technology and the ways it improves the lives of people. In these difficult times, technology has a lot to offer.  ‘Contactless dining’ might be a word coined recently but we have always believed in the idea of putting menus on people's phones and giving them the power of selecting what and when to order. It not only makes things convenient and hassle-free for consumers, but also makes operations smooth and efficient for restaurants. It also reduces the cost of labour and decreases turn around time of tables.

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