Must Have Reports For Your Restaurant Business

Reporting doesn't just involve looking at a bunch of tabular/graphical data to see some numbers. Analyzing reports regularly can help restaurant owners check their restaurant’s pulse, even when you can’t be there yourself. Reports can also provide insights that you might not have thought to track, such as how accurately you’re quoting wait times.

5 Latest Technology Trends for Restaurants

Top 5 technology trends to look for in 2020 and in coming years. Restaurants have slowly but surely been adopting these new technologies and customers are taking notice.

5 Ways To Increase Restaurant Sales

The competition amongst restaurants grows by the day, and you, as the restaurant owner/manager need to give your all to be successful. You might be selling good quality food and at a reasonable price but in this day and age it's not just about selling good food or selling them at the lowest price.

5 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs A Feedback System

Helping restaurants with their business is at the heart of whatever we do. We believe that customer feedback is one of the most important aspects that a restaurant needs to take care of and are often surprised at how most restaurants choose to overlook this process.

5 Benefits Of Inventory Management For Restaurants

Inventory management is an important aspect of maintaining restaurant profitability. Without being able to effectively manage the flow of food and supplies in an effective manner, the chances of making a significant profit from your foodservice shrink significantly.

Things To Know About GST For Your Restaurant

In November of 2017, the GST council decided to make changes to the original restaurant tax rates. The council set the GST rate at just 5% for most restaurants, regardless of AC and liquor licenses. SpeQue restaurant billing software was GST ready from day one with GST report which helps our partners in GST filing.

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